A new generation of family ‘firsts’

Families change and evolve. A couple is married, under the watchful eyes of their parents, and hope and optimism is shared by all who watch them commit to each other.
Their relationship grows, and grandchildren are added to the family.
Firsts take place for the grandchildren: the first birthday, the first day of school, graduation from elementary school, then high school. Each has its own excitement.
Children become young adults going off to university and expand their groups of friends.
That expansion comes without parental guidance. Some are lasting friendships; others blossom into affairs of love. Some become permanent.
The parents, who still can remember making their vows, now look on with tears of joy as their own children make marriage vows to each other, joined by family and friends.
As a parent, you look back and wonder, “Where did all the years go? How can these young people be ready to make the commitments for life?”
And then you are shaken back into reality thinking of how young you were when you made similar commitments, now knowing that you probably didn’t understand the commitment you were making.
You wonder, “Were my parents thinking the same thoughts three decades ago that I am wondering today?” You suppose they were, but you still have that niggling question in the back of your mind about this new couple.
Our family passed through this other new first this past weekend. My wife’s oldest nephew, Kyle, married Laura Woodworth in a wonderful ceremony in Waterloo.
It was the first wedding of a new generation in the Foster family.
The bride was gorgeous, as all brides are, while the groom in a tux looked exceedingly handsome. They made for a beautiful couple.
The rain stopped for all to arrive at the church, and then the heavens opened up and the air was cleansed by rain during the ceremony. And then the sun broke through the clouds as the newly-wed couple walked back down the aisle.
The family on my wife’s side was almost all together. Our youngest was missing. It is a small family, yet the wedding was a chance for us all to get together.
Cousins, who had not seen each other for several years exchanged e-mails and addresses. They caught up on each other’s careers and schooling interests.
It was a wonderful day. And we all realized that this first was just the beginning.

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