A message to Rainy River Seniors

Rainy River Seniors Activity Depot

Did you know that the population of our town of Rainy River is approximately 60 per cent seniors?

When we turned 55 we are qualified as seniors, but many of us don’t feel like the name fits us. We are not only younger in age but also in ability. People retire earlier not necessarily because of health demands but because we want the time while we are able to do more than work. Thanks to our Canadian health system we can enjoy the company of people in their 80s who also don’t feel like seniors. Older people have talents, experience and a drive to share with others.

We have a wonderful facility at the Rainy River Seniors Depot. Our room at the West end of the old train station is bright and welcoming, but it is under-used. We currently have 50 card-carrying senior members who we love to see when we have a luncheon or dinner, yet under 20 regularly attend at other times. That tells us that we need to offer more varied activities geared to the interests of our members. What activities??? THAT is what we need from you. What needs to happen to bring you to the depot?

We need ideas from our members and people to step up to help us turn those ideas into activities that others would take part in. Do you have a hobby or talent that you could share with 6 to 8 other people? Due to coronavirus we have the opportunity to keep our groups small and less intimidating.

We are currently planning a small workshop on Diamond Art with Val Pelepetz and Deb Carlson. It will be held in November. Pre-register to hold your place. The cost for the kit will be around $15 and you will learn a craft that may keep you busy all winter. I have heard it is addictive, in a good way. Other suggestions are movie and popcorn night, paper tole, Music/talent events, exercises, board games, different card games and scrapbooking.

Right now, we have only 3 regular weekly events:

Definitely Not Serious Smear -Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30 (come a bit early to get a partner). This is also a good time to practice laughter therapy.

Wednesday Drop-in – Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Drop in for coffee and conversation or bring your hobby to work on in the company of others. We love to see what others are doing for enjoyment.

All other days and evenings are available for our members to schedule new activities.

If you have ideas or questions, see Rebecca at the depot on Wednesdays,

call 271-4473 or email seniorsdepot@outlook.com

We plan to hold regular meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at 11 a.m. followed by lunch at the Legion (pay your own) for those that want to. (They have great chicken fingers)


Myrna Armstrong 707-8536

Angele White 483-1088

Rebecca Wood 271-4473

or email seniorsdepot@outlook.com

Facebook: Rainy River Activity Depot

Watch for updates on the post office bulletin board.


Rainy River Seniors Activity Depot