A lasting impression on the cerebellum

Coming from Edmonton, I have more memories about my Oilers than Elizabeth Taylor has husbands.
It’s hard to choose from so many great National Hockey League recollections because folks from E-Town have so many to pick from (because we had the best of the best for so many years).
Give me some time and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, what’s yours?
•Chris Hill (teacher/Muskie girls’ hockey assistant coach)—“Pretty much the big one was watching the Oilers when I was younger. I was an Oilers’ fan, I won’t admit it now to my friends, but watching them play for years and going and seeing them.
“Everyone around here was an Oilers fan, so we’d go to Winnipeg, and the whole town would be there, so we’d go down and those were exciting.”
•Jordan Bale (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“Every game that Toronto plays.”
•Shane Bliss (teacher/Muskie boys’ hockey coach)—“I was a big Boston Bruins fan from when I was young, but I was also a huge Edmonton Oiler fan, as well. I remember watching Messier, Gretzky, and Kurri and the boys in the day and it was so impressive.
“I used to sit in the same spot in the living room with my knees kind of underneath the coffee table, otherwise it would’ve been bad luck for them throughout the playoffs if I didn’t sit like that.
“And it worked for a while there and they won a few Cups. Any one of them was capable of going out there and just dazzling you, and that was my favourite little dynasty.”
•Shaun Egan (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“Favourite moment is when PJ Stock went up against Brad Lowe in a fight and there was 72 punches thrown. P.J is like 5’4” and Lowe is like 6’0” and just pounded him.
“Seventy-two punches thrown in a fight between two guys is pretty cool.”
•Josh Sigurdson (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“My favourite NHL moment was when Ken Daneko won the Stanley Cup in New Jersey, because he’d been playing for 20 years and he hadn’t won the Cup and he finally won it.”
•Dave Lloyd (Ontario Hydro worker)—“I just love to watch Don Cherry and listen to him. Just the way he talks. He knows hockey, and he’s a funny guy. He tells it like it is, and that’s what I like.”
•Ben Carlson—“When I was in Winnipeg and saw Wayne Gretzky get his 2,000th point, it was amazing to see all the fans in Winnipeg cheer for an L.A. King.”
•Bob Swing (Muskie football head coach)—“My favourite NHL moment of all-time would not be my favourite, but it would the other way around.
“I’m a Sabres fan, so it would Brett Hull’s goal when his foot was in the crease against the Sabres in the Stanley Cup finals.”
•David Pierce (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“My favourite NHL moment was watching the Detroit Red Wings be eliminated in four games by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks two years ago, because I hate the Detroit Red Wings.”
•Cody Wood (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“The Ron Hextall and Felix Potvin fight, because Potvin was my favourite goalie at the time.”
•Matt Redford (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“When Montreal won the Stanley Cup in ’93 against the Kings because they beat Gretzky, because he’s overrated.”
•Dave Allison (Borderland Thunder head coach/former pro hockey player)—“My brother and I getting our picture taken together at Madison Square Garden in the Montreal road jersey and the New York home jersey after warm-ups.
“Because it’s your brother, and because it’s something that may never pass your way again.
“He wasn’t playing, he was injured. We’d played in Montreal and I got called up Saturday night, or Saturday afternoon, and played Boston and left right after the game and never had a pre-game skate, and we came in and there was my brother, and he was so excited that I was in the National Hockey League.
“I said, ‘Are you playing tonight?’, and he said no because he was just rehabbing an injury and the playoffs were just around the corner. And I said you better get some equipment so he borrowed Barry Beck’s skates and equipment, and we got the picture taken.”
•Kevin Plett (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“Favourite NHL moment is when Detroit won the Cup two years in a row in ’97 and ’98, because I just liked them ever since I was a little kid.”
•Kevin Bobczynski (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“When Raymond Bourque raised the Cup for the first time because he deserved it after so many seasons.”
•Brock Benjamin (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“Favourite moment was when Detroit won the Cup in ’95, and Mike Vernon was smoking his big Cuban out on the ice. That was priceless.”
•Lucas Romaniuk (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“When Bobby Orr scored the Cup-winning goal.”
•Tyler Pocock (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“Wayne Gretzky’s last assist on his last game when he retired, because he’s the greatest player ever.”
•Mitch Green (Muskie boys’ hockey player)—“When Scott Stevens knocked out Paul Kariya in the playoffs two years ago, because he got right back up and he scored a goal and didn’t they win the game because of his goal?”
•Brain Vargas (Muskie boys’ practice squad hockey player)—“When Dallas beat out Buffalo and you want to know why? Because Mike Modano is the greatest hockey player that has ever lived.”
For me, my greatest memory of the NHL is anytime I see the one, the only, the great one—Mr. Wayne Gretzky.
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