A day at the office

It’s been a busy week.
The last four days in Ottawa were hectic with rural caucus, Ontario caucus, national caucus, agriculture committee meetings, house duty, question period, and many lively debates.
I also took the time to meet with groups from across the country that bring their concerns forward to Members of Parliament.
On Fridays I am in the riding, reviewing the issues that my office has been working on.
Constituents call every day looking for my help with a wide range of topics, including border crossings, employment insurance, health and welfare, and student loans.
Some people are simply looking for information, some wish to express their opinions, and others have exhausted all avenues and need someone to listen and to help them.
My constituency offices in Fort Frances, Atikokan, Ottawa, and Thunder Bay have come to the aid of many people. In one case, a woman travelling out of the country needed to get documents authenticated before leaving the country.
Through unusual circumstances, she ended up in the airport without the paperwork she needed. My office was able to call the appropriate embassy and allow the constituent to complete her travel.
Another person called us looking for help with Canadian Pension Plan Disability. She applied for financial assistance and filled out all the medical forms, but her application was denied.
After calling numerous national disability support organizations, my staff was able to find enough cases like hers that were granted assistance and sent an appeal just hours before the deadline.
Several weeks later, I received word she was granted a disability pension and her case may be used as a precedent for others.
Some cases are not as simple. There are times when people call to let us know how the legislation of this country is not working for them. I forward these issues to the appropriate ministry and strive to achieve suitable changes.
In addition to these areas of personal assistance, my priority always is economic development for the northwest. I meet regularly with constituents to discuss ways to help grow our economy.
No concern is too insignificant. My staff and I are working for you—and look forward to your call.

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