Tony Bliss

Tony Bliss rgb

Tony was born on April 3, 1947 in Fort Frances, ON and was the first child for David and Katie Bliss. Tony grew up with his family in Mine Centre, ON. Mine Centre had a very special place in his heart, especially Turtle Lake. We know that times weren’t always easy, but we never heard him complain about his younger years. Tony attended school in Mine Centre and attended very briefly both Atikokan and Fort Frances High Schools. High School meant being boarded out because the highway was not built to Fort Frances in those days.
Tony did various jobs before he started his career with CNR in 1965. CNR had him working various places across Northwestern Ontario. Tony met Louise Smith and they married on January 25, 1969. They celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2019 and Shane and I were happy to send them off to celebrate in Nashville.
Tony and Louise had two children, Kimmie Jo and Shane. There wasn’t much my dad wouldn’t do for the two of us. Tony loved to be involved with the activities we loved; from hockey to 4-H he was truly our biggest fan. Tony and Louise loved to attend country music festivals and were disappointed this year to miss them. They visited Branson, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Coco Beach and many other great trips within Canada. As many of you know, my dad loved Lotto Tickets, “Ticket Tony”! There was nothing that he enjoyed more than selling tickets within our community and was so proud when he was the top seller or better yet, he sold the winning ticket. He believed that one day he would win the 649 or Lotto Max.
More recently our parents purchased a camper. Though we worried a bit about them heading off with their camper they always arrived safely back home. Our dad loved hockey and was extremely proud of his ice making skills. He was honored when asked to go and help put ice in – anywhere. He loved the Emo Arena and spent a great deal of time there. His last job just may have been his favourite. Prior to breaking his hip last fall while helping to put ice in he was employed with the Township of Chapple. He thoroughly enjoyed this job as the “maintenance man” and really enjoyed the other staff. When he wasn’t working, he was farming. Tony loved to drive the tractor. Every year he would say “well this is my last year of haying” until the next year came and he was right back at it. He baled and cut hay the day before he passed away and threatened to help us with square bales.
Though Shane and I thought we were his pride and joy, along came Maddie and Marlee. My dad attended things and did things for the girls that he never did with Shane and I. The girls are hockey players and the road running for hockey started all over again. Tony was hard on himself and did have many health issues, but he always seemed to find a way to get back on his feet. We tried to encourage him to rest and relax but he wasn’t going to be told what to do. My dad loved our community and took great pride in working and volunteering in it. He loved his coffee friends and still to this day missed Village Variety and would drive by hoping just maybe it would be open once again.
Tony was predeceased by his parents; Katie (1997), David (2013), brother Dave (Buster) (2011), and his only sister Kathy (2019). As well his father-in-law, Bill (1971) and mother-in-law Gladys (Nanny) (2015.) Tony is survived by his wife, Louise, daughter Kimmie Jo, Clayton, Damien and Jenna, and son Shane, Char and Madison and Marlee; sister-in-law Denise, Shannon and Derek Jackson, Beannie and Brent Lowes, brother Rick and Joanne, Todd, Tanis and Vaughn Klingsiek, brother Jim and Linda, Brande and Mike Howard, Brittney and James Aasen, Abraham; brother-in-law Bob Ralko and nephew Jamie McDonald; Alyssa and Matthew Hall and Jasmine; brother-in-law Keith and Sadie Smith, Jason and Andrea, Tanya, Kyla and Dale, Krista and Neil, sister-in- law Carol and Bob Angus, Darren and Stacey Angus; Uncle Robert Bliss and Auntie Frances McKiel of Rainycrest; as well as numerous great nieces and nephews and friends across the District.
An outdoor memorial service will be held Thursday August 6, 2020 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at Kim Jo’s Farm. Words of remembrance will take place at 1:30 p.m. Due to the Covid situation social distancing rules will be applied and though it is a time of embracing we will refrain from this. We would encourage you to bring your own chair and mask if you so desire. We realize social events are difficult at this time and you may choose to stay home; please know we understand.
Memorial donations can be made to The Emo Devlin Barwick Minor Hockey Association Box 191 Emo, ON P0W 1E0 or The Riverside Foundation for Emo Health Care projects, 110 Victoria Avenue Fort Frances, ON P9A 2B7.