March 10, 1928 – July 19, 2022

Richard was born in Middlesex, England on March 10, 1928.

Richard had a love of animals from early childhood. During WWII he heard that the animals at Whipsnade Zoo were on short rations. Richard cycled 80 km to bring forage from his mother’s garden to feed the elephants.

Richard was a lifelong collector, starting with stamps as a child. Through his knowledge of geography learned from stamps Richard was awarded a scholarship to Cambridge University, where he studied biology and chemistry, and then medicine at University College Hospital in London. In London, Richard met Sheila, and they were married in 1955. Richard and Sheila immigrated to Canada in 1966 when Richard was invited to practice medicine in Fort Frances, northwestern Ontario. Richard was involved in training and recruiting medical students for northwestern Ontario, and was a much loved family medicine doctor in Fort Frances until 1993, when he and Sheila retired to Victoria.

Richard developed a passion for collecting Victorian era Tuck Postcards with his daughter, Alison. They developed a website called Tuckdb to record the history of Tuck postcards illustrating world history, art, science and politics. Richard’s latest passion has been doing jigsaw puzzles with his family.

Sheila and Richard had two sons, two daughters, and six grandchildren, plus expecting one more. Richard had a love of travelling the world with his family, and supported many environmental charities around the world.