11/22/1978 – 11/13/2021

Jason Hoven was born to Jayne and Kevin Hoven in St. Catharines, Ontario. He is survived by his parents Jayne and Kevin Hoven; in-laws Georgina Jourdain (Ernest Kelliher), Dave Thomas; partner Bobbi-Jo Thomas; his children Jason (Jr.), Chy-Anne, Johnathan; his grandchild Lilith Meline-Hoven; his two brothers William and Brian; Steven Seward (brother from another mother); his sisters-in-law and brother-in-law Christine, Terri-Lynn and Armand; as well as their children and partners; many cousins, aunts and uncles. He also leaves behind two dogs and a kitten – Charlie, Stitch, and Bmo.

Jay is now with his grandparents Mary and Bill Bryksa (maternal), Michael and Josephine Hoven (paternal); as well as his daughter Alexis Hoven.

Jay will be remembered as the intelligent, animal-loving person he has always been. His family remembers him as being the best son, brother, father, grandfather, and uncle, and he was a friend to everyone.

Jay was a pleasure to work with, everyone who worked with him quickly became a friend. There are many fond memories we all share, like how much he loved to fish, or how much he liked to talk about war. He quite often would spurt out random facts about history – or aliens.

Jason was a hard-working man, but had always made time to spend with family. His warm laugh and big smile always brought joy to the room.

Jay had spent the last 12 years living in Fort Frances, Ont., enjoying the fishing spots and outdoors. He was quite the outdoorsman, frequently going on walks with his dogs in back trails to harvest berries or to bring home flowers for Bobbi-Jo and Chy-Anne. As a child, Jay often played basketball and would go out fishing with his grandpa who he called GiGi.

Jay’s favourite things to do were read up on or watch historical events. He loved to entertain the idea of Sasquatch, aliens, ghosts and other conspiracies. Jay also liked to learn about nature, whether it be the animals or the wild food that grows. He was a lover of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and an even bigger fan of the show Game of Thrones.

Jay was a big foodie and never backed down to try something new, although he would often add Sriracha to everything and mix it all together to make a “stir-fry version” of everything.

Jason Hoven, may he now rest in peace. We may never know the battles he was going through, but for now, we know he is happy and healthy, dancing around like the awesome weirdo he was.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to a local animal shelter/vet – this is what Jason would have wanted.