January 3, 1982 – May 1, 2022

Until we meet again…

Whilst we could cry over moments lost, today, we revel in the times that we shared, so we aim to honor the life of Curtis James Fahey in the ways we choose to carry him forward.

For those of us who got to know Curtis at the core, we knew a man who was courageous, committed and forever striving for more.

Curtis was a devoted partner and friend, who loved his “girl” Quinn (Weston) and children Julia (Fahey), 18, Emily (Fahey), 16, more than life itself.

Life with Curtis was never dull and always an adventure. Today we’d like to share some things, that he treasured, with hopes to give pause if you stumble across any of these in your every day life.

  • Curtis had a newfound love for arts and culture, an old love of nature and goals to travel and enjoy life in ways he’d never known.
  • He had plans to create an off-grid living community with a variety of tiny homes, an art studio to host creative workshops and a hope to scale back to the “old school” way of life.
  • His deep appreciation of music which ranged from Eminem to 10cc and from Logic to Elton John will always bring fond memories and most notably, Come and Get Your Love by Redbone ( which he’d belt out while looking for his dance partner (usually in the kitchen).
  • Curtis had very little in the way of fear and could be found doing “wild and crazy” stunts over the course of his lifetime. If you find yourself dangling from a tree or being fished out of a lake, trust that you had a kindred spirit in him.
  • Curtis loved a good comedian and was quite happy to watch Jimmy Carr, Kevin Hart and George Carlin to name a few. He also favoured true crime/mystery stories (MrBallen), historical findings, motivational speakers (Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven) and was a sucker for feel good clips from shows like X Factor.
  • Curtis had a soft side which few had the opportunity to witness or experience. He loved hard, was always happy to lend a hand, support or cuddle up.

Curtis left behind some of his hopes and dreams, which we hope will warm the hearts of those who loved and cared for him or give hope to those suffering in the grips of addiction and mental health struggles.

“It’s time to be the best dad a man can be. It’s time to be the best lover and friend to my beautiful wife, in sobriety. It’s time now to be the best I can be to everyone close to me in my life. I stand against you addiction, this is my time to live life, not in fear or shame”

And to that end, we leave you with a quote that our dearly departed Curtis strived to live by:

“No problem can be solved in the same level of consciousness that created it,” alongside a video/song, which we shed tears over the first time we saw it, that will help to shape the ways we carry him forward; Symphony by Clean Bandit:

He may not have been Einstein, but he was a highly sought-after automotive and heavy equipment mechanic and will, undoubtedly, be missed by his mining family in Rainy River (New Gold). Their outpouring of love and continued support has not been lost on us.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you give yourself grace in the face of challenging times and make a conscious effort to let “your people” KNOW they are loved through actions, not words.

His mind, body and soul are at peace now.

His chosen family,

Quinn Weston, Tristan Rideout, Tim Drodge, Kate Spracklin and Dave Rudicil.