In the early hours of Feb. 24, 2001, Bill (Pud) Wilson, under a star-filled sky, peacefully passed away in his cabin on the shores of Frederickson Lake.
Born in 1933, he spent his early years in the Emo, Ont. area. He loved sports and in his younger years pitched hardball for Emo.
In the fall of 1956, he married his wife of 44 years, Elaine (Lainie George) and they began their life together on a trapline on the east end of Rainy Lake.
Together they raised three children, Peggy, Lynne, and Kelly, who spent a huge portion of their younger years in the wilderness.
By his hard work and dedication, he became one of the top fur trappers in Northwestern Ontario, and was proud to have had his son, Kelly, follow in his footsteps to become an excellent bushman.
His uncanny sense of direction and knowledge of the area brought loggers seeking advice for roads and timber.
Pud’s love of working with wood produced keepsakes for his family and friends. He guided fishermen and hunters for 30 years and in the last 20 years, he and Elaine wholesaled minnows out of the South Flanders area.
“Tracker,” his chocolate lab, filled Pud’s life with endless hours of happiness and enjoyment–hitching rides on ATVs and snowmachines. Every morning he faithfully fetched cap, boots, and socks to be rewarded with jellybeans.
Pud’s patience with his chocolate lab puppy, “Molly,” has made her a gentle and loving pet.
His teasing yet intimidating manner brought fear from his grandkids as small children but endowed in them tremendous love and respect for him that was equalled only by his love for them.
Thanks–Friend, Partner, Dad, and Grandpa–for teaching us the appreciation of the wonders and beauty of nature, the rewards of hard work, and for giving us the courage to carry on without you.
Elaine, Peggy Herb Lainie and Rob, Lynne Roger Kelly and Amy, Kel Trina and Andrew.