Alice Louise Corrigan (Leveridge), 97, formerly of Devlin, Ont., passed away at her current residence of Rainycrest Home for the Aged in Fort Frances, Ont.
She was born Feb. 26, 1910.
She is survived by one sister, Lorna Coulson of Cranbrook, B.C.; as well as several nieces and nephews.
She was predeceased by her father, John, in 1973 and her mother, May Tivy, in 1936; brother, Clarke, of Devlin, Ont. in 1992; and brother, Aubrey of Trail, B.C. in 2004.
Alice was united in marriage to Thomas Elmer Corrigan on Nov. 26, 1934. She bore no children of her own yet received lasting, close friendships within her spiritual family.
She always had lived in the Emo/Devlin area.
Alice loved to play the piano and was known in the community as a beautiful seamstress. She also enjoyed reading and learning, gardening, and especially her time spent praising her Creator, Jehovah, for many years.
She had a constant cheerful disposition and ready wit. She had an inner strength and peace, and displayed this caring, peaceful manner with everyone.
No funeral was held at her request.
Alice had faith in the promised resurrection and her spiritual sister, Nell Holden, wrote and dedicated this poem to her:
< *c>Through the Eyes
< *c>of Another
There is a woman gnarled and old. Her hair now white, where once was gold. Her frame is bent, where once was tall. Is she now different? Not at all.

Her face is wrinkled, her eyesight dim. Is her condition just a whim? No, it’s part of growing old. And her hair again, will soon be gold.

Her sense of values have not changed. Her likes and dislikes, just the same. Her smile is bright, her step is slow. The pain she suffers she does not show.

She speaks very little, but sees so much. Her compassion for others is in her touch. She’s kind and gentle, that’s her way. Her love for life is seen each day.

In her disposition there is no malice. This precious dear woman is our wee Alice.