You’ve got it made

Hello Fort Frances readers:
I am from your neck of the woods, Crozier to be exact, and I would like to relate a story to you.
About 10 years ago, when I was about to go to university, I went back home for summer vacation for a two-week period. At the time, my father, Tom Booth, had tried to convince me to come back home. He offered me a corner lot on the property and said that I would be able to find work no problem with my experience.
He also said that on Friday after work, I would be able to get home and within a half-hour be, on the lake with a line in the water. “You would have it made,” he said.
At that time, I did not think that that was having it made. I wanted to be in the big city and do all the stuff that happens in big cities.
Well, I was at home last week for a couple of days and I ran into old high school friends and they told me about their lives and what they were doing. They seemed to be more relaxed and easy-going.
I took a long drive around Fort Frances again and went to all the places that were important to me and it was very relaxing. One of the people I ran into said that it is really a good place to raise kids. I have two of my own, with one on the way, and had to admit that I agreed.
It suddenly hit me . . . hey, there are no traffic jams here, no one is in a big hurry, people are friendly to you when you go into their stores. People wave to you on the street, there are no sirens blaring at all hours of the night.
No one is holding up traffic because they are on their cell phones.
Now that I am 35, I have realized that my father was right–“Fort Frances, you have got it made!” So do not think that the city is the place to be. I’ve been there, done that, and wish I was home!
I can’t wait to get back during my summer vacation! Besides, it only takes a half-hour and you have a line in the water.

Thank you,
Dale C. Booth
Director, Economic
Development Secretariat
Assembly of First Nations
Ottawa, Ont.