Your mask sends a message & yes, we all wear one

Dear editor,

By writing this letter, I am sure to offend some Christians who feel masks hinder their rights to worship, but the same is a real asset when a paycheque is involved, whether in the making or the spending.

Instead of spending “hours” online, searching for the ineffectiveness of masks, let us pause a “moment” to see the faces behind a mask, of the front-line workers caring for millions sick and dying world-wide from Covid.

When obliged to wear a mask, what a God-given opportunity to remind ourselves to pray for every doctor, nurse and support worker, whose mask hides the fatigue, frustration and tears, as once again, they witness the final agonizing breath of someone who lost the battle against Covid. Instead of protesting the inconvenience of wearing our masks, let’s use the time to pray for an end to this needless pandemic.

Imagine the smiles of relief and success as treatments and surgeries result in positive outcomes, and beds once more become available for healing rather than hurting. We are not asked to carry a cross of pain or wear a crown of shameful scorn. Only a little mask!

God will not be insulted if He does not see our lips in the act of worship. He looks for a humble and obedient heart. Let us bow in humble adoration before this Almighty God, who heals our diseases and washes away all our sins. Prayers and praises are constructive and selfless. Complaints and defiance are corrosive and self-serving. Which mask tells your story?

Helen Cates