Wrong tack

Dear Mr. Editor:
Can you explain why the people who control the dam outflows are not responding to the IJC authorization (published on Jan. 28, 2002) to a reduction of the outflow to 63.7 cu. m/sec down from 103.4 cu. m/sec that is the “normal” drought stage outflow on Jan. 28, 2002.
From the graphs on the LWCB site, there appears to be no time at which they have dropped to that authorized level.
At present, the lake level is within the rule curves, but without a substantial increase in the inflow that is now below drought levels, the rapid lowering of lake level is sure to follow soon.
If the current lake level stays constant and the inflow remains at its present low, the lake level probably will be below the rule curve in three weeks.
As of today (April 15), the lake level is 336.87 m and the outflow is 107 cu. m/sec, with the 14-day average 115 cu. m/sec and a seven-day average of 106 cu. m/sec. These figures are well above the authorized 63.7 cu. m/sec.
It seems prudent in the face of a drought and low lake levels that the dam managers maintain the lake level near the upper rule curve.
Carl J. Lenander, III
Island G1043, Rainy Lake