Wrong message

Dear sir:
I read with interest the two-part article by Michael Hilborn, “Riding Shotgun with the OPP.” I don’t understand these so-called “bush parties” or “pit parties”, or whatever, which seem to have become a common phenomenon.
Do parents actually throw these parties for their kids, and the kid’s friends, which suddenly seem to number in the hundreds?
And is it legal for 16-year-old and under kids to consume alcohol as long as they are on private property? I always thought it was an offence to consume alcohol anywhere if you were under age.
The volunteers who work so hard to put on “chem-free” parties do such a great job, and these parties take the kids in the other direction completely. It’s like saying its o.k. to drink.
Then things get out of hand, someone gets wild, the police have to be called, and they wind up spending a good deal of the night monitoring a bunch of under-age drinkers. It seems an unnecessary use of police personnel and resources, which, of course, is funded by taxpayers’ dollars.
It’s a good thing I never had any kids, as it’s for sure that I wouldn’t be throwing any bush parties for them. I am not against drinking, and I have done my share, but certainly not at the tender age of 15 or 16.
Besides, whatever happened to plain old bonfire parties? Do kids have to drink in order to “have fun”?
Kay Wilson
Emo, Ont.