Wrong choice

I was upset when I heard the results of Sunday’s referendum in France on the proposed constitution for the European Union.
I considered the E.U. would override the established states and wars like those that started in 1914 and 1939 could no longer happen.
When the United States of America first started out, it was not easy. The different states did not see things the same—and eventually there was a war between those for and against slavery.
Once it was concluded, they have settled down and have been peaceful ever since (at least internally).
During the last war, I was among one million other allies who helped to free France. We found the French people hated the German occupation. They knew the Germans had pillaged their country and hated their occupation.
They could not have been told that the E.U. could put an end to killing millions of people at short intervals.
Thank you,
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.