Words matter to both sides

Dear editor,

Colonization Road will be renamed, now or in the future, because of the simple fact that it is offensive and hurtful. I don’t feel any other reason is required.

However I would like to address some of the discouraging responses I have read, particularly with regards to Councillor Judson for bringing forward this resolution. Suggestions of him operating alone for personal and political gain is an insult to all of us who rightfully want it changed- your blatant personal prejudice has no place in this discussion. This road name has been an issue since before Judson was on Council and we will continue to request it until it is done. Comments about his “power trip” are baseless as he is representing what citizens want, as he was elected to do.

Considering the misinformation and callous dismissal of peoples’ feelings we have read it is obvious why citizens reluctant to deal with these repercussions would request advocacy from a councillor known for his progressive attitude and willingness to put himself on the line for the cause.

That being said, I have heard there is disapproval with some of Judson’s social media posts (nothing regarding official Council business) and an apology was requested. Would this perhaps be because words matter? Because words can convey a disrespect that some feel is unacceptable and requires changing?

A final thought: it’s odd that “suck it up buttercup” and “bunch of snowflakes whining and complaining” and “just get over it” seem to apply only to people that want to remove the painful public reminder of First Nations peoples’ ancestral trauma and not to the people who will have the inconvenience of changing their address…


Nathalie Donaldson
Fort Frances