Word on the street

To gauge the reaction of the First Nations community regarding the Colonization Road name change debate, we hand delivered 200 flyers on Couchiching FN, and e-mailed copies to community leadership. We asked what the word colonization meant to them, whether the change would be meaningful, and asked for suggestions on new names. Al- though our Letters section has received several submissions over recent weeks, the following are the responses we received from the flyer.

How about The Fort Nation Trail.
-Sam Bruyere

I’ve been a Couchiching member for 60+ years. For people of my generation, we really don’t care about the name of the road. We’ve never really thought about it before. Do you know what is bothering us right now? Doug Judson. He has a saviour mentality. First Nations people are strong and resilient. They pick their battles carefully. For us, that’s housing, clean water and our children’s future. We don’t look in the past and worry about the name of a road. I feel Doug Judson is doing this to get a foot in the door with First Nations. Many lawyers who work for First Nations become millionaires pretty fast, and I think that’s what he’s doing.

– Couchiching resident