Wonderful day

Dear editor:
On Tuesday, June 17, I had the honour of joining my mom and about 60 Rainycrest residents and guests as they spent the day at Sunny Cove Camp.
It was an incredible day! The sun shone, the residents enjoyed the bus trip, the food was great, and a few residents even enjoyed good luck at Bingo.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend Edith Bodnar, her staff, and the volunteers. It is truly an amazing feat to organize such an outing: boarding the residents on the bus (wheelchairs and walkers, included), hauling up chairs as Sunny Cove’s seating consists of benches without backs, transporting the food, and let’s not forget the Bingo game!
Volunteers arrived to barbecue, and Bob Wepruk was there to entertain with his guitar and singing.
The residents and their guests truly enjoyed a wonderful day.
Edith and her staff show great care and compassion towards the residents and really deserve a round of applause. Thank you all for a wonderful day.
Sandi Bridgeman
Fort Frances, Ont.