Women’s pool changeroom needs upgradesfor accessibility

Dear editor,

I read with interest last Wednesday’s letters to the editor regarding the use of the pool at the Sportsplex. In December last year, I reluctantly had to give up my membership at the pool due to the condition of the women’s change room. Six years ago I had a surgery which went wrong, and subsequently I have to use a cane and sometimes a walker to get where I need to go. The Aqua-sizes at the pool is such a great program for us seniors who no longer work from 9 to 5. The classes are always well attended — early birds from 9 to 9:45, and late risers from 10 to 10:45. I had a fall — the floor has those tiny tiles throughout and naturally with women going in and out of the pool, shower and sauna, it is scary for anyone like me using a cane and worrying that the cane tip will slide on the wet tiles, with me going with it. I know that attending those classes is the best thing for me, and for others with a disability. Being in the pool is an automatic therapy and doing the exercises is so great! It goes without saying that there is a social aspect as well with seniors as we get caught up on anything and everything that is going on in the world.

I so hope that somehow the women’s change space can be made more user friendly for everyone, and the sooner the better! (My time here I’ve been told, is limited!) LOL

Margaret Ann Hudson