Will Fort Frances pool upgrades sink or swim?

Dear Editor,

I would like to take the time out of my day to send a huge thank you to all the lifeguards and instructors at the pool. I don’t know many part time jobs where students pay $500+ to take courses using their own money to qualify to get a job.

Here is also other information that I think the public should know about the pool complex:

  • A large sign on the wall of the Sportsplex says there has been an award of 5.2 million dollars, however only 2.6 was received. Can we not use some of the money that the town has in reserves, to make up the difference?
  • The lifeguard chairs that were supposed to be replaced four years ago are now over 50 years old. (I sat in the chairs when I was a lifeguard over 48 years ago.) Perhaps, there will be space in the museum for one of the chairs, if renovations ever happen.
  • The “Family Changeroom” is used for families and people with mobility challenges with no bench or hooks. Unacceptable. Signage about this room needs to better.
  • Did you know the swim team has to pay for wall space if they want to put up any posters. Really? The Cyclones already pay their way and more!
  • As of the writing of this letter, no design for the pool renovations have been started. Therefore a tender cannot be advertised. IS there a plan for the pool renovations that could be publicized?

I want to end this letter saying that Melissa, Kevin, Kiera and Tori have been great and I am so glad that they have been a constant this year!

Thank you for the space in your paper.

Cynthia J Woodland