Who’s the team player?

Dear editor,
I find some disturbing issues in last week’s Fort Frances Times editorial about Mayor Onichuk allegedly “taking the wrong tack” and “leading as if he’s the boss.”
Frankly, if Mayor Onichuk tells any media the financial situation as it is when asked, I believe, we, as taxpayers, expect nothing less than that. The facts. If the facts show that our finances are in bad shape, then that’s just the way it is. At least now we finally know.
Truth and transparency can be a refreshing change and should be embraced by all, including good editors.
What is painfully disturbing here is that a councillor, whom the Times editor chooses not to name, came running to the Times with issues he/she had with the mayor. Did he/she approach the mayor and or council? Evidently not.
This councillor’s unprofessionalism should be what’s questioned here. The Times editor choosing to become part of this unprofessional sensationalism exhibits a tabloid approach to the issue.
If a council member is intent on this path, Mr. Editor, it is he/she who is failing to be a “team player.”
I suggest before you get any more misguided perceptions from this type of source, you should poll the general public instead of conferring with only one council member.
And by the way, the mayor is our official spokesperson. In light of this mess mayor and council inherited, I believe you will find that having strong leadership in our current situation is a good thing—and also appreciated by those paying the bills.
Time will tell if this following issue is connected. Perhaps the editor of the Times can shorten the wait and enlighten us as to who this council member was.
I would like to comment on the approach Coun. Tannis Drysdale and council took in dealing with alleged rumours about the potential impact of addressing the budget. We don’t need council wasting its time dealing with rumours in the form of a resolution.
The fact that we have a financial mess, and the fact the council members, the mayor, and the town employees are working hard on this, have been aptly communicated by the mayor to the public.
If a particular council member is intent on this path, he/she is helping to waste a lot of people’s time and money—and at the same time accomplishing little to nothing.
To the most of you who are working hard on things from the budget to snow removal, thanks a lot!
Lawrence Alexander
Fort Frances, Ont.