Who is the winner?

Dear sir:
This letter is in response to Natural Resources minister David Ramsay’s announcement last week not to reintroduce the spring bear hunt—despite protests from local municipalities, businesses, sportsmen, tourist outfitters, and the many businesses they deal with.
This issue started with animal rights groups and politicians without much though on over-population, public safety, and economic losses to people of the north.
Since this announcement, I’ve heard some animal rights groups say they’re happy they won this one. I ask myself how anyone can say that the loss of an industry, loss of jobs, economic loss and, more important, public safety, can be considered a winning situation.
I have written a number of articles and letters to politicians, magazines, and newspapers. I’ve had orange “We support tourist outfitters” posters printed and walked door-to-door all across Northwestern Ontario.
I’ve spent many hours faxing documentation of this issue and, just as all tourist outfitters, have been forced to deal with the loss of the spring bear hunt.
The reason I’ve put this much effort and time on this issue is from a deep respect for bears and what they mean to us in the north. There is not much more I can do.
We tried to make officials understand the importance of bear hunting and management with no success.
Now it’s time for the local municipalities and the local public to deal with this issue—and bears having to be needlessly destroyed due to over-population.
The people working to take away spring bear hunting used very common tactics. And when you see them, understand that they are without exception working towards a goal of banning all hunting.
To all the businesses that displayed the orange signs and all people who supported us, thank you. I ask, who is the winner?
Clifford R. Long
Cobblestone Lodge
Ignace, Ont.