Who cares???

Dear editor,

Thanks to Covid, the atrocious neglect in some nursing homes was exposed. Was that not obvious prior to 2020? Did we not see it, or were we “not there” to see it? For family and friends who diligently visited loved ones in care and now are restricted, we caregivers will do all in our power to ensure they know how much we do care for them.

When we pack a church with mourners and hide a coffin behind a massive flower arrangement, are we aware that some shut-ins would love a visit, feel a hug or just hold your hand? Their time is so short. So often they are lonely – a small bouquet of flowers would remind them you care.

Since Covid, suicide stats are down in many places. Does lockdown connect us as one? Thanks to those who are finding the means to alleviate the loneliness, and physical and emotional pain of homelessness. This shows you care!

Despite Covid, many churches with empty pews are now a more powerful witness than ever before. For example, The Church on the Rock and Catch the Fires Church, saw a 140 per cent increase via YouTube, with more than four million views. The universal church is growing! Churches do care!School attendance is higher and less sick time at the workplace? We have job opportunities, especially in education and healthcare. Teachers – what a challenge! Students – what a privilege!

If a friend or relative chooses a career behind a mask, thank them for protecting not only the clients and themselves, but subsequently also our families and friends – nurses really do care!

Thanks to the vaccine, hospitalization of the elderly has dropped drastically. Thank you for the well run clinics.

Those in their 30s, 40s and 50s, roll up your sleeves and stop this disease. Show you care. For those who enjoy large gatherings, please stop. Show you care.

For the 13 year old young lady who volunteered for the clinical trial, you are an inspiration – you more than cared.

We are resilient and creative and above all, are an extension of God’s care.

Helen Cates