Who are the terrorists?

Dear sir:
I am confused. I wonder who are the terrorists?
Are they the individuals who strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up in the hope that they might kill some of the people who have stolen part of their country?
Or are they the young, trained soldiers who sit surrounded by thick steel, who kill boys with guns who can only reply by throwing stones?
We nightly see the best of American-made tanks smashing buildings so parts of Palestine look like an earthquake zone!
I am sure I am more afraid of the tanks than any desperate person. I believe the Israelis have more influence with the media, and always get their story told.
I remember that what became the Israeli Army blowing up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The British Army H.Q. was on the ground floor, but the other four floors were occupied by British women and children.
The British forces called the Israeli Army the “baby killers.” They apparently haven’t changed.
Yours truly,
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.