Where’s Mike?

Dear sir:
Mike Harris has one of the poorest attendance records in the Ontario Legislature compared to those of recent premiers.
Since the Tories came to power, there have been a total of 214 votes called in the Legislature and Mike missed 158 of these (a whopping 74 percent). He is frequently absent during question period in an attempt to dodge questions from our elected representatives about the effects that his policies have on Ontarians.
During the present election campaign, Mike is following a carefully-scripted public appearance agenda. He is not willing to indicate to the public in advance where he will appear. It seems a shame that the premier of the province, during a provincial election, is not willing to meet the voters openly and answer questions about his policies.
It is bad enough that Mike dodges questions from our elected representatives in the house but to actually avoid the people of Ontario during the campaign suggests he is afraid to be confronted on the effects that his policies have had on the citizens of the province.
Of course, in view of the protesters and arrests which accompany each of Mike’s public appearances, perhaps it is best that he keeps a low profile.
Since the other leaders already have campaigned openly in the north, when will Mike Harris visit the north? Will Mike and his handlers let us know ahead of time when he is coming? I’m sure that there are many voters in the north who would like to discuss his cuts to health care and education with him.
Andrew Hallikas
Editor’s note: An itinerary of the premier’s campaign schedule issued to the media indicated he plans to overnight in Kenora later this week.