Where will it end?

Dear sir:
After spending two days of my time (Saturday and Sunday) working with a small group of volunteers, building a mile of snowmachine trail to circumvent a problem area, I came home to the news that the brain dead management of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has decided once again to raise all the membership rates $130-$150 for residents and $300 for non-residents.
Thank you! As an Ontario tourist operator, you have finally pushed me over the edge by trying to drive my winter business away.
I am a small resort owner in the middle of nowhere (Sioux Narrows, Ont.) but let me tell you that the grand OFSC runs on the backs of many of us small operators and their volunteers, especially in the north.
I, for one, have had enough! My small group of volunteers stake and sign more than 160 km of trails within a 35-mile radius. I buy the stakes, the reflectors, help with gas, etc. out of my own funds.
Starting today, I intend to advertise both locally–and in the U.S. and Manitoba–that anyone can come to Sioux Narrows and ride our trails for free.
Besides the trails we mark, there are hundreds of miles of trails through virgin country that are also free of charge.
Additionally, I have spoken with other lodge owners in this area and found them in accord. Hopefully, this protest will grow, like the ripples on a pond, to encompass all of Northwestern Ontario where we still need tourists.
In the last year, the powers that be have screwed up:
1. The spring bear hunt
2. Fishing
3. Snowmobiling
Where will it end?
No one in this area will enforce OFSC’s ridiculous permits.
Gary Sundmark
Crystal Harbour Resort
Sioux Narrows, Ont.