Wheelchair possibilities

Dear editor,

A Fort Frances wheelchair strategy, for your consideration.

What we know:

  • We are part of an aging demographic generally. The need for special access elements is rising constantly, and availability is in short supply.
  • We need a new town “branding,” in addition to: tourist destination. (We are no longer a mill town.)
  • We have Sixth Street school in abeyance.
  • We have Sunny Cove in abeyance.
  • We have a beautiful waterfront, and abundant waterways.
  • We have a town that is nearly flat topographically, this naturally wheelchair friendly.


  • We could market Fort Frances as the premiere gateway and access town of northern Ontario.
  • We have an island at Seven Oaks, to which we could build a unique fishing bridge, primarily for those who use a wheelchair or who might not otherwise have a way to get on the water.
  • We could give merchants a short term five per cent discount on their property taxes if they conform to access needs.
  • We could build a hoist at the sorting gap that allows wheelchair users to access boats more easily.
  • We could encourage contractors to build more housing that is access friendly.
  • Sixth Street School could be a dedicated housing complex for wheelchair users through the addition of elevators and ramps.
  • We could host wheelchair games at some of our parks (including the grounds at Sixth Street.)
  • We could make Sunny Cove a wheelchair friendly venue.

I welcome any feedback/comments from fellow citizens of the Fort.

Tim Woods