What happened!?

Michael J. Baranowski

Dear editor:
After a see-saw battle between Nestor Falls and Port Alberni in the “Ultimate Fishing Town” contest, the B.C. community was back in first place on the third last day of voting.
Then going into the second-last day, Port Alberni surged ahead to the surprise and dismay of all the Nestor Falls participants. And when it was over, Port Alberni won by roughly 1,800 votes.
Some mentioned Port Alberni had a population of 4,000 compared to 200 in Nestor Falls. But then again, Thunder Bay had more people than all the other nine towns combined yet still finished in ninth place.
My presumption to the late surge was that Port Alberni had the luxury of having a comfortable lead over the rest of the towns. But instead of running away with the contest, Port Alberni “banked” its overflow votes whereas Nestor Falls had to go all out to catch up.
When Nestor Falls then knocked at their door heading into the final days of the contest, that’s when Port Alberni made their “withdrawal” from the vote bank.
Another possibility is that I noticed all the towns were voting to the very end except for 10th-place Chilliwack, B.C. Could it be that they cast their votes for another town in their province?
This award was not won by the towns alone, but by many voters throughout Canada and the United States, and yes our friends in Germany. The “Ultimate Fishing Town” contest was widespread, as you can see.
It took an enormous effort to make Nestor Falls the second-best fishing town in Canada. Congratulations are in order to all the voters, and to the organizer, Maureen Hanson, for bringing prestige not only to Nestor Falls but all of Northwestern Ontario, as well.
Michael J. Baranowski
Nestor Falls, Ont.