What about us?

Dear sir:
According to your article of April 13, 1999, council has approved a plan by CN to remove a fuel oil contaminant that leaked from a storage facility on CN property on to town property in the area of Central Avenue.
It is good to see such co-operation about a condition which is presumably hazardous. It is good to see agents representing CN explain the details of the problem and the correction needed to council at council’s meeting on Monday night.
It is good to be able to discern a tone of genuine concern in the voices of CN people to council about the pollution of town property.
But what about the residents of Central Avenue? The care and concern of CN to council mentioned above is and has been totally absent to me and my neighbours.
Absolutely nobody from CN has contacted me to say, for example “Mr. Drazenovich, a pollutant has leaked from our property and may have infected yours in some measure. Please be assured that we are doing all we can about this and we will be keeping you posted regularly.”
No way! The first I’ve heard about this problem is Monday night’s council meeting and the following day’s article in the Bulletin. As your readers can easily imagine, such glaring indifference stings, and the bite, as we all know, goes beyond the skin.
I’ll close by saying thanks to the councillors who spoke up for the residents at Monday’s meeting, and I urge council and mayor to keep us in mind–the residents of Central Avenue who “live on the wrong side of the tracks.”
George Drazenovich