What a party!

Dear editor:
We were back for Chapple’s 100th birthday celebrations and feel that we must tell Barwick what a party it put on. It was a rousing success!
The organizing committee did a fantastic job. We cannot conceive anything else happening again in our lifetime to equal what they did. What an act to follow! We had expectations of having a good time but never did we imagine what a great time we would have.
Things ran smoothly–even the weather co-operated. Events were extremely well attended. The meals were excellent. Of course, the old-timers’ baseball game was a real hoot.
Everyone we talked to gave the highest compliments to the committee for the organization and the care to details. You did a fantastic job and deserve the highest praise.
Barwick itself deserves high compliments. We have never seen, in all the years since we moved away, the houses and yards looking better. Barwick, you looked beautiful!
The people of the community were absolutely the best–super friendly, happy, and really made everyone feel welcome. We always knew we came from a special place. But going back to Barwick this time for a celebration such as this one brought home once again just what a truly unique place Barwick is–and will always remain so in our hearts!
It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to meet so many individuals with whom we grew up and went to school in Barwick in the 1940s. It was a thrill to talk to so many of the people we had known in Barwick but had not met for a long time as we followed different paths.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves renewing friendships and acquaintances, as well as meeting others from Barwick’s past.
We applaud you–organizing committee, volunteers, and people of Barwick. You did a fabulous job. You have put on a celebration that will remain in the minds and hearts of hundreds of people for all time. You have set a standard that will be next to impossible for others to follow.
What a way to end a century–and what a start to the next millennium!
Our thanks for an unbelievably fun time. Perhaps we should not wait another 100 years to do it again!
Hugh and Marg Shields
Atikokan, Ont.