Well done

Dear editor:
In the middle of all the furor over the toll booth on Highway 11, there was a small item of a little good news: the Johnsons’ endowment for the health-care system in our part of the world.
I, for one, thought it was a wonderful act of support for the community by people who have enjoyed life here for many years.
I don’t recall having the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Johnson, but I had many hours of enjoyment watching “Doc” play hockey with that great Fort Frances Canadians team in the 1950s. Doc’s special skill was stickhandling the puck—you couldn’t get the thing away from him.
I also had the pleasure of watching the great Billy Mosienko for a winter in Winnipeg, who still holds the record for the three fastest goals in the NHL. Doc was definitely in his category.
I also met Mr. Johnson in his official capacity as the head man at what is now border services.
Quite a few years ago, I was the current president of the resort operators’ association and we were having some problems with the border. Mr. Johnson agreed to come out and talk to us.
Somewhere he mentioned that addressing a meeting was not his favourite activity, but nevertheless he did the job and actually was well-received by the people in attendance.
Some years later, I met him in the bank and he recognized me, commenting that the Nestor Falls people were very hospitable to him.
From some of us at Nestor Falls, well done Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.
Les Helliar
Nestor Falls, Ont.