Well done

Deb Westover-Morriseau

Dear editor:
More than 50 people walked in the Tom Bruyere Memorial “Walk for Dialysis” last Friday—the most ever!
They walked for dialysis, they walked for themselves, they walked for a friend or a family member. But first and foremost, they walked for Tom.
They talked, they joked, they laughed, they hurt, they remembered, they shed some tears, and they walked, and walked, and walked.
If anyone dropped out, it wasn’t by choice. Feet gave out, legs wouldn’t work, but if at all possible, they kept on walking.
It was heart that kept them going, not stubbornness, not dedication. It was heart, pure and simple.
With all my heart, thank you one and all. Tom would be so proud of you!
Happy birthday, Tom. Rest in peace for you are loved.
Deb Westover-Morriseau