Well-deserved recognition

Bill Shine

Dear editor,
In reading the article in Aug. 5th edition of the Times about Dr. Robert Lidkea, I was pleased to see him get recognition for his years of service to our community. I have been given back my sight because of him and his impeccable work ethic.
My eye sight began to deteriorate in 1974 when I was diagnosed with keratoconus. By the early 80s, I needed cornea transplants in both eyes. Even with the surgery and glasses my vision was 20/45 at best. You need 20/50 or better to drive a car.
My opthamologist, Dr Ekins (Winnipeg), who performed the transplants, sensed my frustration and referred me to Dr. Rocha (Brandon) to see if he could help. He prescribed scleral contact lenses.
These are a new technology in contact lenses that can help with problems like mine.
Fitting of these is available in Brandon but I would prefer to have them done locally if possible.
This brings me back to Dr. Lidkea. I asked him if he would help and he said he would give it a try.
He ordered a fitting kit and went to work. He could not get these to fit my eyes.
Not discouraged, he went back to work and tried a different approach but still no luck. At this point a lesser Doctor may have given up, but not Dr. Lidkea.
He made some calls and did some searching and found a lab in California that made a lens that could work for me.
He ordered a fitting kit and this time it worked.
With the contacts in and correction in the office I could see 20/20.I was able to see things I had not since 1974.
He ordered a set of lenses for me and when they arrived I could see 20/15, even better than we thought.
Since then I have been “seeing things again for the first time.” I am amazed by the clarity of things like writing on the TV commercials, soap bubbles in the sink and the shapes of leaves on the trees. It is just unbelievable.
In closing, I would like to thank Dr. Lidkea for his work ethic and determination.
He, along with his son, Dr. Bruce Lidkea, have given me something I never dreamed possible.
I will be indebted to them forever.
Our community is well served by these professionals and I hope Dr. Robert Lidkea never “gets old.”
Thanks Doc,
Bill Shine