Welcome Wal-Mart

Dear sir:
I would like to reply to Kevin Cherry’s letter of Dec. 11, 2002.
What this letter appears to be is another example of the whiz kids from Toronto again telling the country bumpkins from Northwestern Ontario what is good for them.
I think the people of Fort Frances know how to make up their own minds without outside help.
I think Mr. Cherry should go into the stores on Scott Street and check the labels on the merchandise before he says where Wal-Mart buys their merchandise. He will notice they both come form the same places.
As far as the values of our town are concerned, they will greatly improve as people from all the surrounding areas come and spend much-needed dollars both at Wal-Mart and all of our local merchants. Not to forget our hotels, motels, and restaurants, which also will prosper.
It is people like the above who hold towns like Fort Frances back in the past. We must move ahead, and bringing a business like Wal-Mart to our town is a giant step forward.
I would like to thank our mayor and town council for having the wisdom and foresight to bring this much-needed facility to our area.
Edward Ball
Fort Frances, Ont.
Editor’s note: To set the record straight, Kevin Cherry was born and raised in Fort Frances, and now lives in Toronto.