Welcome reading

To the Fort Frances Times,
  Konnichiwa! I am writing to you from a junior high school in north-central Japan.
I came to Japan one month ago today to teach English. It is gorgeous here, and I have already had many amazing experiences. Yet my heart is still in Canada.
  I am in the process of researching famous Canadians, in order to give students here a taste of the many talents that have sprung up from our home and native land.  
My most recent Google search yielded 186,000 matches (yes, I should have been more specific). I was pleasantly surprised that number 7 on that list was the recent Fort Frances Times online article about the Snowbirds!
  Today happens to be one of my more homesick days, and stumbling across an article from the Times brought a smile to my face. 
You can be sure that I will be returning to your site many more times during my stay in Japan! 
(But I`ll try to refrain during school hours . . .)
 Arrigato gozaimasu,
Joanna Barron