Welcome aboard

Dear Mike:
Congratulations to the Browse-A-While mini mall that had its grand opening on Friday (Dec. 2).
There are six different stores in that mall and what a variety of items to choose from. Everything from homemade baking, crocheted socks, mitts, and towels to baby clothes, soaps, ornaments, and Barbie doll outfits.
At the grand opening, there was coffee, cake, and draws, and Patti Anderson from the BIA was on hand to cut the ribbon.
Myself, I think it’s great that a senior citizen can open this mini-mall to help others sell their wares downtown. I was there, and it was wonderful and very busy.
I was very disappointed, though, that no representative from town council attended this opening of a downtown business to extend their welcome and congrats.
Also, what about someone from the Times that could have been there to cover this event?
Shirley Dolph
Fort Frances, Ont.