Waste of time

Dear sir:
I live in a wonderful part of Emo. On one side, there are elderly people; on the other, a woman with small children, the hospital, and the ambulance building.
When I moved here in 1990, I thought it was the most quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. But the field across the road on the north by the train tracks was disgusting. The grass was about four feet high and dry, and was a fire hazard.
We asked the township for permission to burn it.
It belongs to the C.N.R., but we were allowed to burn it and clean it up. So we did so for four years, going from the corner to the end where the bush starts. After it was burned, we picked up all the garbage and rocks so it could be cut.
Another three years of cutting grass, breaking blades, and trying to beautify it finally paid off.
The cement from the old CN station was small enough that we could make a rock flower bed, so we did. We paid for black dirt and planted some morning lilies. Every summer around the second week of June, I get flowers from Tompkins Hardware and plant them.
Last weekend, my husband went out with his weed eater to cut all the trails over the tracks and around the flower bed. He came back in an uproar. Someone had dug up all the rocks around the flower bed.
When I saw it, I was very upset. I saw one of the ambulance attendants and asked if they knew anything. Apparently, some of the ambulance attendants didn’t think it looked good, so one of them phoned the township and asked permission to remove the rocks.
Well, if they thought it looked bad before, I wonder what they think of it now.
When we first made the flower bed seven years ago, it looked beautiful. Seniors from the home would come to our house to thank my husband and I for doing such a wonderful job. They said it was so nice and refreshing to walk by it.
We even had compliments for keeping part of the old CN station where it was. They even put up a sign for the old CN station when they had the anniversary.
I am really disappointed at the township for giving permission to remove the rocks without asking us.
I know it does not belong to us, but no one had anything to do with it until it was burned, cleaned, cut, and beautified enough for people to look at. All the money we spent on gas, black dirt, flowers, and our own time paid off until last week.
I guess it doesn’t pay to beautify something, then have someone rip it apart. I feel it was a waste of our time and will know better next time.
The ambulance attendants are only there so many hours a day; we have to live here. Now I look out in the morning and it is disgusting again. Thank you to whoever it was for wrecking something it took so many years to beautify.
Tammy McQuaker
Emo, Ont.