Warm hospitality

Dear sir:
It is with my greatest pleasure to submit this letter of thanks to the town of Fort Frances for the outstanding warmth and hospitality I had experienced during my stay.
I have never experienced such friendliness in all of my business travels as I had during the trade show weekend of Sept. 19-20. The warm welcome I received was greatly appreciated. The community spirit was, by far, outstanding and at its very best. The way the community showed its enthusiasm during the “Bail or Jail” fundraising event was truly an experience in itself.
I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce, especially Heather Herbert for her hard work and dedication ensuring that I was well looked after. And I simply cannot leave out the ambassadors for the much-needed breaks! Thanks, Pearl Pidlubny.
To the staff at CFOB, especially Gary Romijn, for his patience and perseverance in “getting the job done.” A warm thank you also to the staff at the Fort Frances Times for the wonderful job on the advertisement.
It was so wonderful receiving the first place Exhibitor’s Display Award. I was thrilled to receive such an award. You did a fabulous job, Hunky Bill Gushulak!
Mostly, I wish to sincerely thank Mr. William Forster, “Willi F,” from Howarth’s Home Centre for all of your diligence and hard work in helping me keep my exhibit display in one piece. I couldn’t have done it without you!
It was an absolute pleasure taking part in the 10th-annual trade show. The Fort Frances spirit is alive and well, and much appreciated! I look forward to returning to your wonderful town!

Thanks again,
Maria L. Lichtenfeld
General Manager,
Leave It To Me!”