Vote with your head

Dear editor:
After reading your paper of Dec. 21, I am left wondering if this is an official publication of the Liberal party.
First, there are the ramblings of Melanie Béchard on how wonderful the Liberal blog site is and how the humour it portrays is so great.
Well, let me assure you there are far better blogs with both content and humour—and the vast majority have little good to say about the ruling Liberals.
Then as I shift to the next article on the same page, I am confronted with big letters, “Long live the Liberals,” written by Harry Vandetti.
Mr. Vandetti certainly is entitled to vote for whomever he wishes, but he should put a little more thought into it than tradition. I have to wonder where he has been for the past 30 years not to see the slow but sure destruction of this great nation by the Liberal party.
I very much respect the men and women who have served this nation, such as Mr. Vandetti, in the armed forces. Having said that, how do you not see the destruction of this once world-class fighting force by the Liberals?
Then there is the national debt of which the Liberals mortgaged generations of Canadians with in order to buy their way—with our money I might add—into power and stay there. How about $2 billion for gun registration, which we are seeing clearly does not work and does nothing but vilify law-abiding Canadians.
Oh, and how about the $380 million (that we know about) of sponsorship money that they stole from us, the taxpayers. If it were you or I having committed this crime, do you think you would be free to be on the campaign trail instead of behind bars?
The latest of yet a long line of theft, deceit, and corruption for the Liberals is insider trading information being leaked to Liberal buddies who made a fortune from it.
The list is so long of this type of behaviour that I will stop here as I hope you get the picture—and that picture is that the only people the Liberal party serves well are Liberals themselves.
I wonder how people are able to tell their children and grandchildren that it is wrong to lie, steal, and cheat when they vote for a party who has this type of behaviour so deeply ingrained it should be Line 1 in their “Red Book.”
I would like to close by saying I, too, am a proud Canadian, but let me be very clear it has nothing to do with the Liberal party, which has made our nation a joke in much of the world’s eyes.
Do not forget to vote with your head, not tradition.
Ed Carlson
Emo, Ont.