Vote carefully

Dear sir:
I would like to take a bit of space in your paper to say a few words to the electors.
First, I am pleased to see that we are having real elections in Fort Frances. There is some competition for each position. This is good–it means that the citizens are aware that competition in elections makes for true democracy.
However, there is one factor which seems to be creeping into the elections this time round. That is that some of the candidates seem to be running because of one issue, or one problem. If that is true, then the electors need to be very careful as to how they vote.
A person who is elected because of one issue, or one single controversy, is usually not a very reliable member after he/she has been elected. When the one issue is disposed of, there still remains a great deal to do. The routine operation of the town, or a board, is time-consuming and, frankly, generally pretty boring. A one-issue person would find this type of activity dull and uninteresting. He/she would not serve the position well.
The operation of a municipality, in whatever position, requires a lot of time, great attention to detail, and consideration of all aspects of each problem. It is not a job for those who are half-hearted, or half-interested.
So when you are going to mark your ballot, take careful note as to who the “one-issue” candidates are. Your best bet are those who have varied experience, and who can be counted on to focus on all the aspects of municipal government.
The single-issue people may let you down!
Yours truly,
Alan W. Lowe