Voice your concerns

To the editor:
I read the quotes by Alanna Barr in last Wednesday’s paper about the strike. She chooses her words very well. I think the key sentence is “the services still being offered.”
It is the services not being offered that concern me. As a parent of a handicapped child I know too well the frustrations and difficulties of trying to take care of a child like that without assistance.
Our daughter was getting so difficult to handle that we were desperately needing help. We were only offered minimal help from the association here but fortunately for us the Dryden association offered to take her in full time.
Apparently the board members and director in Dryden have different philosophies where people who need help are concerned. We were hoping to keep her for the summer before moving her but the F.F. Association’s refusal to try to end the strike cheated us out of our last summer with our daughter.
My concern now is with the families still trying to cope with similar situations as the board here but are concerned if they “rock the boat” this might have an impact on the care they receive after the strike is over.
I would urge concerned citizens to contact board members and voice their concerns over the length of this strike. I also urge them to contact Hon. John Baird, because if the proper funding was allocated to the association both sides would end up winners in this situation.
Peter York