Visual litter

Dear editor:
As a former resident of Fort Frances, I returned to my birthplace this past June for a family reunion.
Some of the older residents might remember the Gillmor & Noden hardware store on Scott Street which my father, Ralph Gillmor, operated in partnership with William Noden from 1926 until 1958.
Mr. Noden was also an MPP for the Rainy River riding from 1951-67. One of Bill Noden’s proudest achievements was the causeway that bears his name—a beautiful approach to the town from the east.
On my recent visit, I was deeply saddened to see a billboard on this highway at one of the causeway’s loveliest spots—an ugly intrusion on such an exquisite landscape.
Surely the loveliest roadway in the Fort Frances area should be free of such visual litter. Shame on my hometown for allowing it.
Alan Gillmor
Ottawa, Ont.