Visible candidate

Dear editor:
I am writing to you in response to Dave Bourgeault’s letter in last week’s Times with regard to the name change of the Fort Frances Senior Centre.
First of all, I am amazed that June Caul alone, who is on the senior centre board, had the power to sway that committee and also council to get the name changed from Sister Kennedy Centre to the Fort Frances Senior Centre.
I do believe June was a member of the senior centre board then and now, and she just was relaying the message to council that the senior centre committee wanted to add to the name on the building (Dave, do you know that a Sister Kennedy sign is still on the building?)
I am one of the those people that when they see Saint or Sister on a building, I associate it with the Catholic church. The Sister Kennedy is close to the Catholic church and by Columbus Place, so I just assumed that a lot of grants and/or fundraising happened so I associated it with the Catholic church.
Good for them, I thought. As I grew towards a more senior age, I was enlightened by a few close friends who informed me that the senior centre was for everyone with an ever-growing list of activities to participate in.
As for your reference to Ken Perry, I can’t say much except I do not see him at many community events. In the three years that I have been involved with getting the Canada Day activities up and running, Ken has only dropped by for five minutes in 2017 whereas June Caul spends up to 10 hours a day helping Dave Coates and his fireworks committee set up.
She has been doing this for more than a decade. I know she would be helping us on the other side of the tracks on Canada Day if she was not helping with fireworks.
I see her out at the library, community plays, and vendors and more. This past Friday, June took part in “Longest Night of the Year” initiative and spent the night on a Scott Street sidewalk! That is dedication!
I guess Ken is out there but you would think I would see his hat at more events. I feel that a mayor has to be involved in the community by attending events and talking to people.
I am going to vote for June, who will represent us well when dealing with provincial representatives at various government levels. June also takes the time to talk to you when you stop her when out in public, will take your phone call, is a progressive thinker, and will consider all points of view.
June is VISIBLE!
I know she will work well with all the new councillors that will be voted in by Oct. 22. On that note, I also would like to wish good luck to all the people running for council. Each one who is running brings a unique voice to the table!
Thank you to the Mr. Avis and the present council for all your time over the years. I hope your retirement is restful and stress-free!
Cynthia Donald
Fort Frances, Ont.