Very thankful

Dear editor:
This is Rapid Robert again (you know, the old guy with the plaid tam).
Nestor Falls United Church had services on Sunday, Nov. 7 to honour veterans. Peggy Mason, our minister at Nestor Falls, did a beautiful job of organizing and delivering the service.
The pipe band marched in playing the bagpipes to begin the service, and it was very impressive. I’m sure Peggy had extra hands to help her on that occasion as men and women of the community are eager to help.
After a splendid service and readings by young and older folks alike (and, of course, the singing of appropriate hymns), we went down to the “lower hall” and had coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and lots of conversation.
Since Peggy serves both Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows, her time after the service is limited. She has to “put the pedal to the metal” and get on up to Sioux Narrows, 25 miles away.
Thanks, Peggy, and the Nestor Falls community for making me feel at home again—and inviting me to the special service.
I also would like to thank the Stratton community for the invite and super time I had at the Christian Fellowship Chapel. They had, what they called, a Seniors Appreciation Day and I personally thought that it was great!
First off, me being “81 years and holding,” I qualified as a senior and was certainly treated as such. I understand the vote was close, but I made it.
I was greeted with handshakes, made known to people who may not have met me before, and made to feel that I was one of them. In short, I was welcomed to their offering.
Then, after we went into the sanctuary, we were treated to Gospel music delivered by Mr. and Mrs. Longenecker of Morson.
It was very enjoyable, indeed. Many of you may have heard their singing and music since they perform at many functions across the district. I first heard them at the Rainy River long-term care centre years ago.
Then, a violin and guitar duo entertained us.
Of course, there were prayers and messages by others (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten their names. Forgive me).
Last but not least was a beautiful luncheon with foods too numerous to mention, served by the young ladies of the community.
As I left the hall, thinking I may have eaten too much food, I was handed a plate of goodies that kept me going for a week.
Thank you, Stratton. Efforts like this is what makes a community earn its name (“community”).
Bob Cottam
Emo, Ont.