Very grateful

Dear sir:
Our sincerest thanks to all the wonderful people who came to my husband’s rescue up on east Jackfish Lake.
First came the McCoys, whose phone I used, then came Bill Godin, who came in second in the recent Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. But in my books, he and his friends came in first.
They came into the cabin and just took charge. My husband and I were so amazed at how efficient they were.
To anyone who has a cabin on Lake Despair, Footprint, or Jackfish, we have help like nothing I have ever seen before. They had the helicopter and ambulance all waiting. Bill’s wife, Nellie, gave me a hug of courage, which helped a lot.
To the helicopter crew and the ambulance crew, how do we thank you all? This has made us realize and appreciate friends that we have.
The reason why this all took place was because Allan’s sugar was so low that he had no idea about anything that was going on. But from now on, we will know. As of today, his blood is taken twice a day—and I have the joy of pricking his finger.
But once again, our thanks to you all. I just hope that his does not happen again. Have a good summer to one and all.
Alice Dickinson
and Allan Shaw