Valued keepsakes

Dear sir:
We are writing to you on behalf of my mother.
Many of you either know her or are just familiar with her home. It’s the house on the corner of Sixth Street and Cornwall Avenue with all the little dwarfs under her trees.
Well, at least it used to be. Yesterday, she woke up to find someone had stolen one of her ornaments from her yard. Okay, no big deal, right? Well, this is the third time this year (within the last four weeks, to be exact).
The first to leave the yard was a dwarf standing about two feet tall. His clothes were painted in yellow and blue, with the leaves around his feet painted brown.
The second to go missing was a small dwarf about a foot tall with a yellow beard painted red and blue, and holding a watering can. Then yesterday morning, a ceramic of “Bashful” from the Seven Dwarfs went missing. It also was about two feet tall, and painted with an orange top and brown bottom.
This might not be a big deal to many, but these dwarfs belonged to my grandfather who is no longer with us. A couple are almost 20 years old, so you can see why we are upset.
These were not just some cheap plastic things we put out. They, to us, mean more than that.
So the reason we are writing this letter to you is in hope that someone, somewhere has seen or knows where they may be. And if anyone can help return our beloved lawn ornament safely home to us at 158 Sixth St. W., it would be greatly appreciated.
We also will offer a reward to whomever returns them back to us.
Thank you,
Crystal Smith
and Laurie Marcil