Dear sir:
This letter is in regards to an incident that recently happened at my home.
I own a three-year-old black cat, who is regularly tied outside of my house. Even though he “escapes” occasionally, my family tries to have him tied out of respect, consideration, and politeness for our neighbours and their property. We also thought that by having him on a rope outside our back door, he would remain safe and sound.
My concern began at 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 23 when my sister was disrupted from her sleep because of a dog banging against her window as he attacked my cat. Struggling, frightened, and scared, the cat broke his leash in desperation to escape from the dangerous dog. This treacherous dog was not on a leash, and had no business or right being on our property!
Of course you are thinking that it is a dog’s nature to go after cats. However, I know and have proof that this reckless dog has gone on to other people’s property, and has attacked their dog and destroyed their property.
It is an elderly man who walks his bold dog every morning. Do not get me wrong because I think it is great that he gets up at five or six a.m. to walk this dog. The danger is he walks it without a leash. After the attack on my defenseless cat, it is obvious that this threatening dog is not under control.
Although a registered complaint has been made, nothing can be done unless I press charges.
Is this fair? Especially since there are people who have the respect, integrity, politeness, and consideration for the community to control their animals or walk them on a leash.
Concerned and upset,
Krista Luchka