Upset taxpayer

Nestor Baranyk

Dear editor:
Please accept this open letter to federal NDP leader Nycole Turmel:
I am sitting here in consternation and disbelief trying to discern why you have punished two Northwestern Ontario MPs for voting in support of the government’s bill to end the gun registry.
You may remember when the gun registry bill (Liberals) originally was passed in the early 1990s and to the best of my knowledge, eight out of nine NDP MPs at that time voted against it, therefore precedent has been set where the NDP stood at that time.
So what has changed so dramatically that caused the NDP to take such draconian measures against John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer? Two fine and reputable gentlemen representing the constituents of Northwestern Ontario simply doing their job representing and respecting the wishes of the constituents of Northwestern Ontario.
Any Canadian with any political skills and common sense would appreciate their actions in executing their obligations and responsibilities as our MPs on behalf of their constituents. From the actions that you took, it is apparent and obvious that you have none of these essential qualities.
I would like to make you aware of some fundamentals:
1. You are not an employer, and you have not hired John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer as your employees. They became MPs because we, the constituents (taxpayers), elected them under the Canada Election Act to represent us.
2. You are not an employer, and you do not pay John Rafferty’s and Bruce Hyer’s salaries and expenses as your employees. They are exclusively paid by the Government of Canada (i.e., Canadian taxpayers).
They work for us and not for you. Can you grasp these fundamentals?
Unfortunately, you also are paid by these means to do injustices to our MPs rather than spending our money transacting business for the good of this great country of Canada. What a shame!
Excuse my ignorance in case you are paid as an MP by the NDP rather than the Canadian taxpayers.
3. Therefore, you have no business in restricting the duties and responsibilities of our MPs, John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer, unless they are your employees and on your payroll. I am asking you to remove these restrictions immediately.
If the restrictions on their activities are not resolved, there obviously will be a residual of leftover expense money. May I suggest you use it to come to Thunder Bay and explain to the constituents of Northwestern Ontario what you have done to demoralize and punish our two elected officials.
Whenever you are ready, I will organize the meeting for you.
To sum it up, you will realize how angry I am with your ridiculous and unwarranted actions. So as my public servant, I am asking you to mature quickly and lift the restrictions immediately.
Feel free to pass my frustrations with you onto our Prime Minister, Steven Harper.
Nestor Baranyk
Thunder Bay, Ont.