Unworthy status?

Charlie Tarrant

Dear editor:
I am a 79-year-old Canadian citizen of Irish and English extraction, born and raised in Canada.
I started working when I was 13 years old to help support my family and put food on the table when times were tough and we often were hungry.
I worked hard my whole life and raised a family of my own, worked like a dog for everything I have, and never once asked for a handout from the government or expected to get one.
I’ve paid my taxes to support the government without complaint, and was always grateful and proud of the fact that I was born in this great country that provides us with endless opportunities in life.
I beat poverty! I worked hard to earn a living with no free ride from the government or anybody else!
I finally was able to retire at 70 years old, five years past when I could have. I now collect roughly $17,000 a year in Old Age and Canada Pension benefits after having contributed to them most of my life.
I find it rather interesting and insulting to have read in a local publication last week a quote from one local aboriginal leader stating that the average yearly allotment/entitlement per status native from the Government of Canada is between $20,000-$23,000 per year just for simply being here and because they happen to be born a different race!
It appears that my “status” as a non-aboriginal Canadian is not considered to be worth as much as theirs is.
Now you tell me? How is that fair and who’s being discriminated against?
Thank you,
Charlie Tarrant
Fort Frances, Ont.