Unsightly mess

Dear sir:
Last Wednesday, our baseball team had a fun game planned against a team that drove all the way to Devlin from Sioux Narrows.
I was disappointed and embarrassed when I drove into our beautiful ball park in Devlin. Someone had strewn toilet tissue around and dumped all the garbage cans. This was a fine sight for Sioux Narrows to see on their first visit to our ball park.
I would like to invite the people who did this to visit some other ball parks in the area, then they would realize our park at Devlin is one of the nicest ones in the district.
I’d also like to remind them that a lot of people work very hard to keep the Devlin ball park in such good condition, and would ask that everyone please help us keep it that way.
Thank you to the Brew Jays ball team and those spectators who all grabbed garbage bags and pitched in to pick up the unsightly mess.
Sandra Beadle,
Member, Brew Jays Ball Team, and
Treasurer, Devlin Slo-Pitch League